Your Councillors


The Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of members elected from within the parish and a part-time clerk.

The Parish Council represents the lowest tier of local government and is drawn from the electorate of the village.

Funding is by precept levied on households within the village. The council’s powers are limited to local issues, and the representation of villagers’ views to the principal authority.

Cllr Sarah Harriman

Personnel Committee Member
T: 01652 618657

Cllr Andrew Trafford

Cllr Alex Haslett

Personnel Committee Member



Ward Councillors

Cllr N Sherwood

T: 07788 910332


A: The Orchards, Barton Road, Wrawby DN20 8SH

Cllr C Sherwood

T: 07789 991818


A: 25 Manley Gardens, Brigg DN20 8LW

Cllr R Waltham

T: 07977 987903


A: 36 Bigby High Road, Brigg DN20 9HD

Photos by kind permission of Dorothy Higson